Friday, September 24, 2010

The newest addition to our family...

As many of you know we have a sweet little dog named Riley. Riley is four years old and he loves being part of our family and the center of attention. He especially loves his three big brothers (our three sons) and he loves playing "chase me" with them.

Well, earlier this year our middle son surprised everyone by getting a dog of his own. In January we all met Franky, his new french bulldog puppy. Franky is a cutie in his own french bulldog sort of way. We have nicknamed him "Frank the Tank" because he is built like a little tank and he has no regard for his body as he tramples over anything and everything that's in his path. He's about the same height as Riley, maybe a tiny bit taller, but he is double Riley's weight. Riley is 12 lbs. and Franky has reached his full size and weight of 25 lbs. now that he's almost a year old. Here are some more pictures (I think you can figure out who is Riley and who is Franky) :

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